Sponsor a Grove of Trees

  • Sponsor an Entire Grove of 1,000 Trees
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  • Groves can be planted for business & institutional needs
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  • Dedicate a grove of trees to friends & family
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  • Receive a Custom Grove Certificate
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We offer a fast, easy way to plant as many trees as you'd like

Trees make great gifts for yourself, your family and friends. They are also tax-deductible for US individuals, businesses and organizations.

You may sponsor or gift a grove of 1,000 trees for personal, business and other needs.

Planting trees with Grow Clean Air ensures the benefits are spread between you, local subsistence farmers and the environment.

You'll immediately receive a downloadable, printable certificate with all the details of your order for tax deductions, record keeping, proof of purchase and showing to friends, family, colleagues and others.

Planting trees is a rewarding way to change the world by empowering subsistence farmers in developing countries to earn an honest, sustainable living.

Plant trees to provide some green street credit for your family, friends and business.

The farmers are TIST partners and receive money directly from the sale of the carbon credits generated by the millions of trees they keep alive.

These people are then doing unbelievable work in their local communities with the income they earn by taking care of their tree groves.

  • Dual-Validated & Dual-Verified program
  • Third-party quantification
  • Award-winning reforestation model
  • Transparent results
  • Trees are a means to restore land and communities

This is how easy it is to plant as many trees as you want!

Amount of Trees Description Price
1 Tree A tree is a thing of beauty. $1 USD
20 Trees Twenty trees is something to behold. $20 USD
100 Trees One hundred trees is truly marvelous. $100 USD
1000 Trees One thousand trees is a grove. $1000 USD
Other Amounts Any amount of trees helps! Just $1 USD each

Local Farmers Make it all Possible

The real credit for the outstanding results of this program belongs to the local subsistence farmers who collect indigenous seeds, make nurseries, plant seedlings, and keep them alive through droughts, floods, cattle and goat raids and rogue elephants. TIST farmers are proud of the benefits their trees are having on their lives and on the global environment.

Co-Founder, TIST