Verified Transparency in Quantification

Unparalleled transparency and third party verification.

TIST’s award-winning monitoring system is critical to the success of the program and allows for unparalleled transparency.

Using hand- held computers and GPS, highly trained farmers visit each tree grove and record the location, number, size, and species of live trees. This process effectively tracks the farmers’ progress and results. The data, including pictures, is uploaded onto a central database using cell phones or the Internet, and can be viewed by the public on the TIST website.

Third-party audits ensure project accuracy and integrity.

Local Farmers Make it all Possible

The real credit for the outstanding results of this program belongs to the local subsistence farmers who collect indigenous seeds, make nurseries, plant seedlings, and keep them alive through droughts, floods, cattle and goat raids and rogue elephants. TIST farmers are proud of the benefits their trees are having on their lives and on the global environment.

Co-Founder, TIST